SWSD 2020 - Scholarship Applications Are Closed.

Please note, Scholarship Applications are now closed. Scholarship winners will be announced and contacted by March 26, 2020.  

The International Organising Committee and International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) recognises the invaluable and unique opportunity that SWSD2020 provides academics, educators, researchers and practitioners in service provision, policy and representation as well as service users to meet in person and share experience and knowledge. As a result we are pleased to offer solidarity scholarships for the international conference in Calgary Canada.

>> Please read the information below. The application button is at the bottom of this page.

Solidarity scholarships

Funds have been allocated to award Solidarity Scholarships at each of three levels of financial assistance.

• FULL – registration, accommodation, travel fares and daily allowance (toward meals and incidental costs at local rates) 

• PARTIAL - registration, accommodation and daily allowance (toward meals and incidental costs at local rates)

• REGISTRATION - registration only

Funds will be provided in the forms of: travel booked through the conference organisers’ nominated corporate travel agent; accommodation booked through the conference organiser; payment of daily allowance at the time of conference registration; and for registration a waiver of payment for registration only that will not include optional conference events.

Who can apply?

The selection process will aim to redress the financial barriers confronted by delegates from countries: 

1. With emerging economies and social development infrastructure as listed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (referred to as OEDC) 1


2. Experiencing social upheaval due to political or military conflict or failed economic policy that has resulted in external military or monetary aid. 

How will applicants be selected?

Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis to applicants who most strongly demonstrate both of the following criteria:

1. Contribution to conference proceedings through their participation/attendance and the learning that they can bring back to their service/user organisation/country of residence

2. Letter of support of their active contribution to social work and social development education, practice, research or policy in their country of residence/service user organisation

All applicants must complete the online survey. Please note that in addition to some general questions you will be asked to answer the questions below. 

PLEASE NOTE:   You must have this information before starting the application as applications need to be completed in a single visit as the form cannot be saved.

  • What type of Scholarship are you applying for? Full / Partial / Registration
  • To be able to understand your VISA requirements, could you please explain the VISA process you have to go through, what documents you require to support your application and what transit visas you may need?  Please note that letters of invite required for VISAs are available on the SWSD website.
  • Are you an IFSW member?
  • What type of institution do you work for? Government / Educational Institution / User Organisation / NGO
  • Are you applying as: Social Work Practitioner / Policy Maker / Service User / Social Work Educator / Other
  • Are you a member of your national organisation on social work and if so please tell us the name of the organisation?
  • Please explain how you contribute to social work & social development education, practice, research and/or research policy in your country of residence
  • Please upload a letter of support of your active contribution to social work and social development education, practice, research or policy in your country of residence/service user organization
  • Have you received an IFSW SWSD Conference scholarship in the past?  If so, what year?

All of the scholarships will be awarded to delegates whose application is supported by one of the conference sponsor organisations namely the IFSW or the University of Calgary.

Preference will be given those who have not previously received scholarships.

An invitation to apply for a Scholarship will be posted on the conference website in December 2019 and will include a link to the online application form, decision making process, and timeline.

Important Dates

26 March 2020         Applicants notified of decision

9 April 2020        Final date for registration for Solidarity Scholars

7 May 2020        Final date for travel bookings for Solidarity Scholars

OEDC - Country list

List of OECD Countries (pdf)

Scholarship Guidelines (pdf)